When a woman has an orgasm, referring to the rhythmic throbbing of the clitoris.
by Raptomex August 6, 2007
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when a song stops everything but the drums
did you here that drum solo man it was awsome?
by killer hippie September 26, 2009
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He gave her lots stimulation as he performed a drum solo
by James March 11, 2003
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A drum solo that gives you an indescribable feeling in your chest/heart/stomach area.
For an example of a badass drum solo listen to Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight" at about 3 minutes and 40 seconds in.
by DCOgle May 28, 2015
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When you repeatedly bang your head against a girls ass and then shove your head up it.
I have a migraine this morning from giving Amanda the biggest Samoan Drum Solo.
by 69sixtynine69 December 13, 2010
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