Shitting out of your asshole until your lungs detonate in a fiery explosion of dick
Tom went dropping a log into a female holio
by Superscott555 January 17, 2016
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Commonly used to say that you need to excrete some fecal matter.
"I wanted to jerk off, but I had to drop a log first"
by FrYeS May 17, 2005
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The act of shitting into a sink, then "flushing" by running the garbage disposal. Performed as a last resort, only when all other toilets are in use. Frequently involves beer shits the morning after.
"Mike had to drop a log in the chipper because his girlfriend and her roommate were using the bathrooms."
by K-Don-yo October 14, 2006
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From a casual perspective, 'dropping logs' can be thought of as simply taking a dump. A more serious definition would be a more deliberate approach to the art of having a bowel movement. By definition, Dropping Logs may be considered a skill by those individuals that put genuine concentrated effort into a particular bowel movement. For example; a sporting person may refer to the acquired skill of aiming turds while aloft on a tree limb as dropping logs. A person with a medical affliction like constipation may consider expressing 'dropping logs' as way of expressing verbally their feeling of relief. An animal lover may use the term affectionately, such as: Fidow did an excellent job of dropping logs on our walk this morning. It may be used as a form of personal expression: I generally am not in the habit of dropping logs at a complete stranger’s house. With a bit of imagination, the possibilities are limitless.
I caught Ginger dropping logs at my apartment when I arrived unexpectedly early. I reassured her that it was perfectly acceptable and took a massive dump myself with the door open. I warned her about the use of open flames during the process.
by Big Ed Moustapha January 05, 2010
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You are guaranteed to drop log In less than a jiffy after eating my mother's homemade sausage.
by Robert Anthony April 23, 2016
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