Similar to "submarining", Drone Striking is when you completely cut off all communication with a ting/boo/bae and then dramatically re-appear into their life. Typically, a Drone Strike takes place when the relationship and/or breakup was shocking and nobody thought you would reappear into each others' lives.
"OMG you'll never guess who just slid into my DM's and said he's in town."
"Wowwww he had the nerve to resurface like that!? That's hella drone striking territory."

"Should I drone strike bae from 6 years ago and see how he's doing?"
"Go for it girl. Hit him with the feels."
by dankocean April 9, 2018
An individual who repeatedly emails coworkers about their missed deadlines copying their team members and boss without talking to them first.
Tim: Did you read the email that came through last night from Drone Strike? I bet Dave is spewing right now...

Bill: Yea, what a cunt!
by ShadeHunter February 24, 2021
The act of jizzing on a person's face while they are sleeping.
Sarah was occupying my territory while she slept soundly last night. To reduce any collateral damage, I opted for a precision drone strike.
by moleymoley May 11, 2013
When you’re shitting and the shits come out like drone missiles. Small and hot.
After those extra spicy tacos I was blasting drone strikes into the toilet all night.
by D J Trump January 14, 2020
The means by which human resources "professionals" anonymously and surgically eliminate candidates from the recruiting process, often while sipping soy lattes and watching BDSM porn in the comfort of their well-appointed offices.

The acronym "ATS" refers, of course, to the multitude of automated "applicant tracking systems" used by many employers to dehumanize the recruiting process and subject applicants to cruel and unusual forms of torture, including having to re-enter their entire resumes in tiny little fields after having uploaded a perfectly acceptable resume document.
Scully: "Hey Mulder, whatever happened with that job you applied for that seemed a perfect match for your awesome skills?"

Mulder: "Thanks for asking Scully, but I was the victim of an ATS Drone Strike."

Scully: "Those bastards!"
by Clark F. Kent September 12, 2018
A sexual position where a male c*ms on any part of the parters body, while being suspended in mid-air by one or several drones
by VanDale vol. 2 May 16, 2019