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In Excel, a circular reference is when a cell references itself; ultimately, a massive flaw in logic.

Someone who is the human form of a circular reference is someone who displays a massive flaw in logic. I.e. someone who is Derp, is also a 'Circular Reference'. They have zero logic to anything they do.
In the workplace -

Person A: Hey, did you hear that Sue wrote over all our templates?
Person B: Sue is basically a circular reference.

In life -

Self explanatory. We all know that person who is a circular reference. 9/10 they are named Bryce.
by dankocean August 27, 2018
A term used to describe someone, usually a female, who is highly career driven and is lusting after the corporate ladder.

Someone with Ladder Lust will typically prioritize their career over relationships (#FeelNoWays) and has big dreams to take over the world.
"Homegirl hustled HARD and is just climbing the corporate ladder; she definitely has ladder lust!"

"She's the sole breadwinner and went back to work right after having her baby."
"Damn, she's got Ladder Lust!"
by dankocean April 5, 2018
Similar to "submarining", Drone Striking is when you completely cut off all communication with a ting/boo/bae and then dramatically re-appear into their life. Typically, a Drone Strike takes place when the relationship and/or breakup was shocking and nobody thought you would reappear into each others' lives.
"OMG you'll never guess who just slid into my DM's and said he's in town."
"Wowwww he had the nerve to resurface like that!? That's hella drone striking territory."

"Should I drone strike bae from 6 years ago and see how he's doing?"
"Go for it girl. Hit him with the feels."
by dankocean April 9, 2018