n Inadvertent or mistaken words entered while using Google Android's Speech to Text feature that may reveal an unconscious or subversive message, or unconscious wishes or conflicts.
Original text : I've never done overseas production so I'm not sure about china

Droidian Slip : I've never overseen reproduction so I'm not sure about vagina
by Liberty Maniac July 18, 2011
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n. the act of calling or texting someone accidentally from your Droid
sally: kkkknasdjfyuonoiopnungjasn0!!npih1687asd

johnny: yo, sally! crazy text...

sally: sorry, johnny! my phone was in my pocket. droidian slip!
by rstar81 July 16, 2010
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When Android predictive text replaces word/s in such a way as to reveal the hidden meaning in a text message.
For some strange reason my predictive text confuses the word 'cycle' with the word 'fuck'
Should have been more careful when I asked Ruby-Tuesday if she would fancy a cycle... What A Droidian Slip!
by CapCoco April 19, 2011
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When a gadget auto-completes the wrong word for you in a way that reveals an aspect of your psychology
Charisse: a misspelling of "packing up" was corrected to be "pavlov up" on my iphone. its almost like a freudian slip, but something more mechanical... does anyone have a term to define these moments?

Ronnie: something more mechanical .. hm... droidian slip?
by tagonist December 08, 2009
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(n.) When autocorrect constructs a Freudian slip on your behalf.
via text
Person 1: I'm so horny I could eat a wiener.
Person 2: ???
Person 1: Sorry, stupid autocorrect. I meant hungry. Want to get hot dogs later?
Person 2: Sounds like a droidian slip to me....
by jesuswasawoman May 01, 2020
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