When having sex doggystyle, the male inserts a thumb in the anus and turns his hand to resemble making a turn while driving a bus.
while doing doogy she says "Ohh yea drive me home", so you lick your thumb, inert in butthole and turn to stimulate. You re then "driving the bus"
by Jrock c January 13, 2009
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The act of having sex doggie-style, where the man's hand is resting on the female's lower back or upper rear-end. The combination of the two often results in a motion which resembles using the large steering wheel on a school bus.
Hey Dale, were you driving the bus last night or did you just go missionary the whole way?
by Butt Masterson February 13, 2009
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(v) ingesting MDMA (ecstasy), and regulating like a gangsta by representing what the sheiiit (i.e. life) is all about.
"me mate dangerous dave took 22 ecstasy and drove the egham to langley village bus better than he's ever driven it before." -Ali G (a quote close to reality)

do you want to drive the bus tonight yo?

driving da bus is fuckin' legit!!!
by Captain Tickles March 26, 2010
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To throw up into a toilet, with a death grip on the toilet seat at the 9 and 3 position as if it were the steering wheel of a bus. Most commonly done after drinking excessively.
Hey, what happened to Vinnie?
He had a few too many brews and is in the can driving the bus.
by Cliffie September 5, 2005
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To unintentionally drive a common route. To turn on the mental autopilot and arrive toward a location other than your desired destination. For example, if you set out to drive to the store, but after a few minutes find that you are halfway to your place of work.
If I'm not careful, I end up driving the bus to work on Saturday mornings.
by Don G July 25, 2005
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Holding onto the toilet bowl while vomiting. Also known as "driving the porcelain bus".
Ernie ended up driving the bus at the keg party. I drove the porcelain bus all night.
by garb agio August 30, 2005
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Vomiting while kneeling and holding onto the rim of the toilet. So called because it resembles grasping the large horizontal steering wheel of a bus.
Last night after eight beers and an Irish coffee I spent an hour in the bathroom driving the bus.
by Albin Pahernik August 31, 2005
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