Vomiting into a toilet -often violently and for an extended time- whilst holding its rim like a steering wheel.
Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, when asked at a press conference about his recent bout of food poisoning: "Yes, I was driving the porcelain bus half the night."
by Ozymoron October 3, 2009
Spewing into the toilet. You are on your knees and your hands are on the bowl(steering wheel). People who drive the bus are usually drunk and drive it very cautiously, they hold onto the steering wheels firmlyx
Did you hear mum driving the porcelain bus last night? It kept me awake for hours! Dad said she was drinking spumante- i guess she got the desired result.
by timbo6969 January 3, 2017
When you've had too much to drink, and you wind up with two hands on the opened toilet in a kneeling position puking your guts out.
Man am I exhausted! I drank too much and was driving the porcelian bus all night!
by Ralph, the bus driver January 3, 2004