1.Cool, tight or hot;
2.Good or what's good
1. Bruh thats that shirt is dripping.
2. What's drippin my nigga.
by AsapLilnas19 March 1, 2015
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A dip done with the body. One holds one of his/her arms straight up while the other arm is used to grasp the underside of the bicep region. Then the person bends low at the knees. Almost like Tea-Bagging. Orginated from the 831
1:I saw that fag drippin on your girl last night.
2:And I didn't get any of that action?
by Shitfacedbitch June 28, 2011
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when an individual hates on anothers swagg
Person1: doug, them jordans is wack
person2: nigga, why you drippin?
by Spray.painT April 19, 2011
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A nickname for something that is cool.
Wow, that new T-shirt you got is really drippin.
by Luke Stella March 26, 2008
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To be drunk.
"I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo drippin rizzite nizzow."
by T-BagSquared March 6, 2010
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(Dri-ppin)noun- Badass, kickass cool
Yo Carl that shirt is Drippin!
by Ben Roberto May 15, 2008
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Drippin' or "dripping" is the act of eating a watermelon. This is generally reserved for an African American whom has a great taste for this juicy fruit. Originating within the southern regions of the United States in the mid to late century, many Negroes found themselves out of work and out of luck so they took to sitting on street corners crooning to women not of color while engaging in their most sacred of pastimes, drippin. The term was garnered by the act of getting the juice on your shirt while eating, as many of the Southern Africans would.

"YO! Tyrone! Me and muh Nigga's ur gunna go get drippin'! You in or out?!"

"I's gots to get my drip on niggah"
by Ryan Paw May 2, 2008
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