A way of referring to someone's outfit when they have very nice, cool and expensive clothes on.
"Damn look at Doobie, straight dripped out today"
by YOUNGing April 30, 2015
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When someone is iced out (got some expensive and nice clothes on) and is spittin such hot bars his ice beggins to drip
James is dripped out and spittn phat bars on you bruh
by Cringesause May 30, 2020
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refers to the candy paint on a car. the candy paint is "dripping." originated in houston
"Draped up n dripped out...no wat im talkin bout" - Bun B
by yung_sir_alabi December 23, 2005
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After bare back sexual intercourse it is common place for a woman to expel unwanted man milk. This is called "Drip Out", also known as "leakage"
After Stacy takes everything her mans yoghurt rifle has to offer she experiences extreme "Drip Out"
by Mikey C Thafe August 10, 2006
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refers to the "drip" one gets from the usage of cocaine, see "Coked Out"
"My boy beezy's straight dripped out."
by lawls March 23, 2006
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Extremely fresh, cool, handsome, hot, absolute juicer of a man
Timmy was a pimp at 10 and had all the moms and hoes lining up because he was dripped out the wazoo
by Mr. Hue G. Rection November 04, 2020
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