A common euphemism or a code word for having sex.
Ex: Person A: Let's go drink Tea in the bathroom.
Person B: OK!

Ex: Yes! I have thanksgiving week off. I'm gonna be drinking tea all week. ;)
by Idebate November 14, 2010
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when you are spilling some tea about sucking someones dick
so i was drinking his tea the other day don't tell anyone Drinking tea
by DRINKTEA October 27, 2019
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A term that is used to teach young individuals the importance of consent.
Never force someone to drink tea, never get mad at someone for not wanting to drink tea and never give unconscious people tea.
by Ayy lex Luther December 10, 2017
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When something its 'wrong' but non of your business, but you still care or comment about it.

Mostly used on social media with pictures or emojis.
For example:
Susie doesn't look good with her new haircut 🐸☕️ (Frog drinking tea)
by Mixz January 29, 2016
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Acting like a 50 year old man when you're only a college student.
Josh is doing crosswords and drinking tea in his dorm room.
by CaptDan January 17, 2011
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Used in reference to the vulgar lappish tradition of pouring volatile horse-manure tea down the throats of foreigners, usually resulting in extreme paranoia and occasional outbreaks of dysentery.
It was a terrible affair, they went lappish tea-drinking traditions on the poor guy.
by Henry Egilsson III December 10, 2004
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