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1. 1337-ly done deed or person

2. Used to describe a "hella tight" situation.

3. v. to drigown means to surpass the status of ownage and pwnage, and describes highly stimulating emotion, whether derogative or positive.
Dude my computer so mofoin' drigowns your computer, fo' sheezy.
by Vermain September 20, 2004
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The only way to describe a Drigo is in 5 ways:

- Hottest person in the band.
- The most bad ass death metal drummer in existence.

- Devil incarnated.
- Bound to succeed in anything he does.

- Mac and cheese sound is the best.

If you ever find a Drigo, make sure you take a picture with him, they don't come by often. Ever.
WOW! I totally want to Drigo those drums.

Are you Drigo? How are you so BAD ASS.
by Satan hates god_666 May 27, 2017
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