that guy that parties like an animal and has no self control on when to stop doing.
- Drick too hard.

- “yo go dricko mode
- “ drick too hard”
by Andrethegoat July 31, 2019
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A young self made man who has big plans and knows what he wants in life.
Drick is so smart
by YoungBuck1999 February 17, 2021
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1. A drink that tastes like dick. From the words drink and dick.

2. When someone sticks their penis in some's drink.
1. Man this drink tastes rank. It's drick.

2. Ah man, I think my drink's been dricked.
by AmericasChicken February 6, 2011
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Gay slang for penis. From a Big Dipper misspelling of dick in the show notes of Alaska Thunderfuck and Willam Belli's Racechaser podcast.
Fans send in photos of their drick pics hoping to have their question read and answered on the show.
by Mysterygel June 12, 2020
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A word used on Green Acres to describe a sparking electrical outlet in the "Double Drick" episode.
The sparks from the pole caused a drick.
by BRSD October 6, 2007
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Just like a regular drick, but with whiskey dripping off your bell-end instead.
by Nigel33 April 19, 2012
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