something you should NEVER wear on a plane
POV: you are a white man wearing a Burger King crown on a plane
you: she kneed me in the stomach
by super trop beau May 7, 2021
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A crown that people can wear at burger King.
Oh this one time at burger King I saw a little girl wearing a burger King crown while on her tablet and dancing to September by earth wind and fire.
by Blueyfan March 3, 2023
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When you get a blowjob from a Burger King employee in the bathroom while you and the partner are both wearing Burger King’s signature crowns. When ordering at the counter on any day from 5pm-closing, you can ask for two extra crowns with your meal and the employee is obligated to suck you off.
Customer: May I have a Whopper Jr. with Burger King’s Two Extra Crowns?

Employee: (sighs) Fine. This is the third time today!
by LightlessLamp March 23, 2020
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