One with a great appreciation for life, a powerful affinity for college basketball, a keen interest in horse racing/breeding, and who, if he had to choose between saving either a bottle of bourbon or his mother from falling off a cliff, would without hesitation save the bourbon first.
If you love college basketball, horse racing, and bourbon--the finest liquor this side of the Mississippi--with all your soul, then you are indeed a true Kentuckian.
by OfThisGeneration December 10, 2016
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Noun - similar in mechanics to that of a Cleveland Steamer, but distinctive in that the act itself must take place - that is, be deposited - on a horse.
B: Now I have this image of Shawna Lenee naked on a horse, scrunching up her face as she pinches one off, then saying her tagline, "that's so fucking hot."
G:Which we'll call the Dirby Kentuckian.

mjoon: If you manage a large enough Dirby Kentuckian, doors in all manner of employment shall open wide.
by mjoon June 29, 2011
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