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Dreckly is something that you will get around to at some point in the future, possibly never.
Of course I'm going to do the dishes, I'll do it dreckly.
by Urban Cruncher October 02, 2016
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An unspecified period of time, leaning towards sometime never. Has been described as Manana without all the rushing about. Derived presumably from directly, but given a Cornish twist.
I'll gt around to that dreckly my ansom.
by I walrus January 13, 2012
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An unspecified amount of time,
similar in meaning to manana, but definitely Cornish.. it means it'll happen .. . dreckly...
the boats will be back from fishing, dreckly..
by lyonesse March 10, 2004
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A term meaning 'soon' or 'shortly'. Derived from the word "directly".
No, you dont need any candy! We're eatin' supper here dreckly.
by Super Gerbil July 16, 2004
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