To see things as what they could be. To reach out and not be able to touch it in the immediate-physical or convince others, but to see it so vividly, and to take it day by day, following it until destiny is reached.
I dream big, I fail, I don't except it, I try harder and when people don't support me, I leave them in the dust with my pain because I don't need to hear that I'm in the clouds, not trusted, too young, too old, too impossible, fat, skinny, dumb, or that I can't live forever. God dammit!! I'm not listening to anyone's GD lies. Get out of my GD way!!!
by lonerd April 23, 2013
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To Dream Big is a commonly known term used by good looking males as their catch phrase in order to conquer a significant amount of females and or something cool to say to his friends when saying good bye
by Das Booooooot October 18, 2010
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Best quote from the movie juno
Bren: When you move out I'm getting two weimaraners!
Juno MacGuff: whoa dream big!
by ~*junebug*~ February 23, 2008
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a label put onto those people who have exceptionally small male genitalia, as well as enormous hopes, ambitions, and goals.
Oh man, that guy looks like he has small dick big dreams
by wafflecuck April 6, 2017
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