A sex move in which one partner violently kicks or punches the other in their genitals, then pretends it was an accident. Named after the NBA player Draymond Green due to his tendency to strike opposing players in their genitals and pretend that it was an accident.
"Yesterday I caught Ben looking at another girl's boobs so I gave him a Draymond Green when we were having sex last night. He totally deserved it."
by Mr Cnowledge June 25, 2016
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Like to kick people in the balls... and blow 3-1 leads
I had karate practice last night and accidentally draymond greened someone
by torque Luith August 22, 2017
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calling a time-out in game 6 of the Finals when you have none
Man that was a real Draymond Green that cost us the game.
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Q: How come Draymond Green don't close his mouth?

A: He would suffocate.
by Kevin Duran Duran May 1, 2019
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To be kicked in the testicles.

Draymond Green Draymoned Greened Draymond Green warriors golden state dirty cheap cheat cheater cheap balls testicles
Oh my Kiwis! That dude just Draymond Greened me!!! If only I was LeBron James he might have been punished!

That woman just had a seizure and Draymond Greened me!

I quit taking karate because i kept getting Draymond Greened .

I used to love the NBA, but now it's just a bunch of guys feeling on each others junk like a Draymond Green.

How many innocent NBA players need to be molested before we take Draymond Green as a serious threat.
by Heysloth June 20, 2016
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