An overly dramatic person, or one who causes non dramatic situations to become overly dramatic because they feel like everyone needs to be as dramatic as they are.

A situation that is blown out of proportion for seemingly no reason.
Here comes the drama llama!

My boss is a drama llama.

It's drama llama time!
by xx204 July 17, 2011
Someone who completely lives of and thrives off of drama, yet claims to have an extreme dislike for it.
"That girl is such a drama llama, she never grew up after high school"
by tankgirl69 January 16, 2010
Usually describing a human of the female gender, who is capable of making any stiuation become about them at a simple turn of a word, also when confronted about the "drama" becomes so enraged she spits in ones face similar to a llama
"That bitch Amber just spit in my face because I pointed out what a drama filled bitch she was being!"

"Yeah I told you that bitch was a Drama Llama!"
by Kurt September 24, 2006
A person who randomly throws their drama on others, in the same way a llama randomly spits.
"Oh no, here comes the drama llama! I haven't finished cleaning up from the last time she spit drama on me!"
by CasKat March 29, 2006
Meaning: Drama free zone. Llamas tend to be very friendly animals that do not like drama. Therefore no drama llama is the one that walks away.
This is none of my business I'm a no drama llama goodbye.
by Amiyj July 29, 2019
drama brought along on internet communities, mainly of the ridiculous type.
OMGZZZ looks like BP is getting a visit from the DRAMA LLAMA*&$@(
by sharla December 26, 2005
Like the Bluebird of Happiness or the Chicken of depression, the arrival of the Drama-Llama guarantees that a situation will become emotionally unstable. Tears will be shed, accusations will fly, and hearts will be broken.
"...The female in question seems to be of the same mindset as I, namely that we'd have sex just because it's nice, we're not looking for a relationship and we're just enjoying ourselves and so on.

However, I've got the sneaking suspicion that this could quickly render me a visit from the Drama-Llama... "
by Gunblade April 20, 2005