A pour of alcohol. The amount is determined only by the generosity of the pourer.
"Did you bring that whisky? Do you mind if I have a dram?"

"Could I interest you in a dram of something?"
by Vedi July 27, 2008
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Scottish word which comes from Scottish Gaelic - the literal meaning of 'dram' in English is simply 'drink', so it doesn't really have to be just whisky/spirits though it's normally used for these things.
Ex.1 'Gies a dram' (Please give me a drink, good sir)
Ex.2 'Gies a dram or I'll f**kin' chib yer heid' (I would very much appreciate a drink as soon as is convenient for you)
by Alasdair Slessor February 29, 2008
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The Scottish word for 'whiskey' but can also be used for other types of spirits.
"Have a wee dram for the road".
by JazKaos November 4, 2005
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Hoe, Bitch, Slut...Also known as a woman who likes sex with many different men.
I could tell by looking at her that she was a dram.
by Amanda February 27, 2005
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1/8 of an ounce or 60 grains of something.
A dram of whiskey (smaller than a shot)
by Kryzm February 8, 2006
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She cheated on her boyfriend AGAIN? What a waste cyattie, ain't got no time for her drams.
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dram 1 (drm)
1. Abbr. dr.
a. A unit of weight in the U.S. Customary System equal to 1/16 of an ounce or 27.34 grains (1.77 grams).
b. A unit of apothecary weight equal to 1/8 of an ounce or 60 grains (3.89 grams). See Table at measurement.

a. A small draft: took a dram of brandy.
b. A small amount; a bit: not a dram of compassion.
Middle English dragme, a drachma, a unit of weight, from Old French, from Late Latin dragma, from Latin drachma; see drachma.
3. A small amount of anything as in a wee dram (wee means very small)
I believe I'll have a wee dram of Scotch Whisky before I turn in tonight.
by Papaw Jeff October 19, 2013
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