To have a girl give you head, and when your about to cum, and she starts to pull off... grab her head and force her down on your dick making cum come out of her nose. Hard to do but it can happen
I showed jill the dragons breath, and she wont stop smellin giz for a week
by Mattmangold469 March 03, 2004
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A potent combination of several common household foodstuffs and spices that causes severe irritation, and occasionally damage, to the eyes, nose, throat and skin when sprayed at somone. A home made pepper spray.
I gave jeanne some dragons breath in case that pitbull nextdoor gets out again.
by Wolf89 December 25, 2005
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a shot thats half Bacardi 151 and half Firewater which is lit on fire, then blown out and drank
ha Dragons Breath fucks you up
by D LAS April 04, 2006
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To have breath that of which smells as if one has licked the butthole of a dead skunk for several hundred years.
Oh my god, have you smelled Alex's Dragon Breath... there aren't enough packs of gum on earth to help that!
by dakodiak January 04, 2009
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Your managers breath is so horrible you begin to think he eats his dog's ass before coming into work
Manager: I have been trying to eat more @$$ as well, hence my wicked dragon breath. I like to say I put the "ass" in associate.

Associate: Damn Saul your making me sick with that breath of yours
by ha-jew January 08, 2010
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That feeling you get when you exhale from slamming some seriously fucking potent liquor. A slight burning sensation in which you feel like you could light on fire.
Dude I got fucking Schmacked last night at the party by slamming some liquor and burned Sarah’s pubes off with my Dragon’s Breath.
by Coldrove October 18, 2020
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