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Person that can always make you laugh and you will always have fun with. Also means sexy, creative and beautiful.
"Heey, aren't you just a Dragana!"
"You are such a Dragana person!"
by Kwik-E-MartxD October 15, 2007
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Sexy, slim and fun person. She is usually a doctor and if she is very talented, a psychiatrist. Her glasses make her look very clever and so are her children. Dragana`s work very hard in the gym and never give up hope. Their birthday can vary from January 1st to January the 20th. Dragana`s are bilingual and are very talented in mathematics. She is a caring person with lots of hear and always helps her daughters out. Even though Dragana`s are very rare, they can be found in Cardiff and Serbia. They can have quite a temper and when they do, they speak in their fist language and have a habit of raising their eyebrows. They are also very good at cooking and 99% of Dragana`s get jobs where they live. 100% get their jobs anyway.
Dragana helps and comforts child when she is upset and her maths score is not good. She got angry when a child did not want to play cello.
by IloveHolisterANDyou January 19, 2012
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Shes A Very Kinky Girl
The Kind You Dont Take Home To Mother
She Will Never Let Your Spirits Down
Once You Get Her Off The Street, Ow Girl
Dragana Likes The Boys In The Band
She Says That Im Her All-Time Favorite
by misbizzare February 18, 2010
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Someone who is likes to get drunk off Tequila made from potatoes.

Someone who threatens little boys and breaks their arms.
I'm gonna Dragana you, boy!
I'm so Dragana, I got really drunk last night.
I don't remember, I got Dragana last night!
by Sherry James April 25, 2007
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A woman with the mind of the devil. She does black magic and she's one hell of an evil person. She's a witch. If you meet a Dragana, you're in deep shit and you'll soon end up dead. Avoid physical interaction with one at all times.
John: Hey Bob! How was your day?
Bob: It was craptastic!

John: What? Why?
Bob: I met a Dragana. I shit my pants as soon as my eyes met with hers.

John: That truly sucks! I told you to avoid Dragana's
by Banana12345678 March 27, 2013
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