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Synonyms for Dragan: perfection, awesome, adorable, lovable, kind, thoughtful,fascination, original,romantic, suave,handsome,sexy, stylish, bold, canny, charming, witty, intelligent, edible, aromatic...... now I'm pushing it.
Dragan makes my heart melt every time he looks at me
by Beloved mermaid July 27, 2017
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Dragan is very affectionate and receptive to others especially the important people in his life. Highly sensitive always
seeking security and self protection from countless difficulties that awaits him. His an outstanding friend but trusts

too easily as a result has many relationship issues. His always looking for love and likes simplicity and all that is

natural. His faithful and compassionate but has difficulty in expressing his feelings especially to his girlfriend. His a difficult boyfriend gets angry quickly but after a few kisses and cuddles he calms down. His very romantic, if he loves you its definitely for life. He has the best personality with a soothing voice that brings calm and he has a never ending imagination.
His tall, devilishly handsome, salt and pepper look to his hair against his tanned skin is better than catnip. His eyes
are deep and sultry that suck you in when he wants something. Heart of a lion, soul of an angel. If you manage to find
a Dragan don't ever let him go, he doesn't have too many flaws but his the ultimate boyfriend and he has the ultimate girlfriend, they both suit.
Dragans friend: "Mate, do you want to go to the footy tomorrow night?"
Dragan: "Nah mate, I'd rather stay with Desert Rose and play scrabble"
Dragan friend: WTF
by Beloved mermaid July 27, 2017
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