Something that you do at work, that will get you fired, or end your career very soon.
Nick made a CLM when he told his boss he hated the look of the new application.
by scuguy March 4, 2002
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Saying or doing something at work to a superior that will likely result in the termination of your employment.
Coco hung pictures of her superior Adam around her desktop and dressed the images with different headwear. -Example of CLM: Career Limiting Move at Uber
by Anonymous User- Not Coco December 19, 2019
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Career Limiting Move - Saying something at work to a superior that will likely result in the termination of your employment
Shannon told her boss' boss that she was bad at math, in a public forum - This is a CLM: Career Limiting Move
by alexlee1992 July 21, 2016
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An avoidable, abhorrent action likely resulting in embarrassment, shame and banishment from an industry.
After 30+ Horse racing drug violations, Bob Baffert’s penultimate CLM Career Limiting Move was getting caught cheating in the 2021 Kentucky Derby, getting the winning horse disqualified. Bye Bob.
by Mcmiffed May 9, 2021
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An action that won't necessarily get you "fired", but will create a self-imposed cap on your future. An unforced error that leads to the demise of your potential. Similar to black-listing; this is the move that causes you to get silently blacklisted. You're not necessarily gonna get fired, but, you're going to be wondering later on "why do I keep getting passed over for that promotion"? That CLM you made- that's why.
CLM (Career Limiting Move)

Oof, Tom getting hammered and belligerently trash-talking management, puking into garbage can at the company party... real CLM move. His co-workers like him, but management has no respect for him, and have privately said they would never work with him after the incident.
John, you work at a profit-taking hedge fund. You going well out of your way to make your socialist stance crystal clear to management... you're never going to get promoted to manager. CLM. Don't do it, please. Find another way.
by JBinSF June 16, 2022
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