erik lamont robbins is a proud cuck, he lets his wife have several boyfriends, he is a PROUD CUCK. #CLM
by May 16, 2022
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Acronym for Cuck Lives Matter. Used in support of people who associate themselves as 'cucks'.
Say it loud, say it proud, CLM!
by erobbussy May 16, 2022
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Career-limiting move
Kissing his boss' wife turned out to be a CLM for Hank.
by Bella L. May 12, 2003
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An acronym commonly used in the workplace to define a 'career limiting move'.
Michael got up and left the room while the managing director was speaking.
Justin - "oooh, that's a CLM right there"
by It's a swan February 17, 2010
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Career Limiting Maneuver - When you do something stupid in front of co-workers that can potentially cause you to never move up in the company.
It was a complete CLM the way she got caught hooking-up with her boss in the mans bathroom at the holiday party!
by bud86 December 11, 2007
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Chillin Like-a Mufucka (CLM)-A state of vegetating, marinating, or just loafing. Kickin it with your friends and not worrying about any other plans. While on a vacation, not doing anything but relaxing.
"Hey Weezy, you wanna go ATV'n with a bunch of people today?"

Na man, I'ma do some CLM'n
by jwatz7 March 3, 2012
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