Dracula is a term for someone who eats out a girl during a period or performs oral sex, whether it be a guy or girl doing it.
by el1itegunslinger March 31, 2007
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Romanian word meaning Devil. Term used to describe Lucifer or other evil denizens.
Originally used to describe Vampires since these folk were thought to have dealings with devilish creatures, it was used as the name for Bram Stokers main character in his 1897 Gothic Novel of that same name.
Person 1: That person is so shady and mysterious.
Person 2: Must be a Dracula.

Person 1: How did he know that? No one knows that!
Person 2: Well obviously he must be a Dracula. Only people who deal with evil would know that!
by SeeAbove April 06, 2015
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a romanian prince who lived in the 1400s named Vlad Dracula,Vlad Tepes,or Vlad The Impaler
who used to drink cups of human blood and impaled his enemies on wooden spikes
Vlad Dracula killed turkish people by impaling them on wooden spikes
by Vlad Tepes November 07, 2003
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Dracula, aka Vlad the Impaler was born in 1431 in Sighisoara, a small town in Transylvania. He led his own independent policy in relation to the Ottoman Empire. He is known in Turkish as Kaziglu Bey, or "the Impaler Prince", and is a popular folk hero in Romania and Moldova even today. He is popularly associated with the title of vampire and drinking peoples blood. He was a real person and lead his own reigen agaianst the turks and played a big role in defending Christian Europe. In my opinion i think he is a fucking awesome.
Many times Dracula and his army would go into Ottoman territory and cause big havoc. In one of his invasions, he is supposedly killed more than 40,000 Turks and impaled them so when the next Turkish army would cross by they would see it and retreat.
by Vladid October 06, 2005
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Dracula Vlad Tepes

Main villain of the Castlevania series. Killed by the Belmont clan and ressurected time and time again. Dating back since the 11th century, when he was Mathias Cronqvist, best friend of Leon Belmont, he used the Crimson and Ebony Stones to become the dark lord, Dracula, and didn't appear until several hundred years later, when Trevor Belmont took up his ancestor's whip, the Vampire Killer, and went to slay Dracula. Of course, since then, every 100 years, he would resurrect. Premature resurrections were not rare, either. When a dark being calls Dracula back to life, a new adventure must begin.
Dracula is the main villain of the Castlevania series, the lord of darkness. His main attack is to teleport around a room and launch three fire balls at you. He can also shoot volcanic lava balls, drain you, or turn into a giant bat demon.

Dracula also had a son, Alucard, who hates his father and cursed bloodline, and also assists the Belmonts in stopping him.
by Durango May 05, 2006
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The number four. Named so due to the song used to teach young children how to count in French; "un, deux, trois, dracula!".
"What's the time?"
"Half past dracula"

"I'll see your three hundred, and I'll raise it to dracula"
by Grunge Monkey August 02, 2005
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