13 definitions by Cooper

The degree to which an individual is being a tool. Measured in a logarithmic scale .
Matt offered to rewrap Megan's taco, thereby increasing his toolocity five-fold.
by Cooper December 3, 2004
if everyone could just look past the fact that they are girls then they would actually see the great muscians that they really are. guys are really stupid and need to get over being horny. they are girls they kick ass. they have great personalities and they are great people their girls yeah so fucking what get over yourself your just jelous because girls can kick ass too!
i have no example so their for their is no example
by Cooper August 12, 2004
The often unwanted, always repulsive waste that flows forth from a female during that "special time" of the month.
1. So, I went to finger this chick, and when I took my fingers out, they had slurf all over them.
2. Aw gross!! Is this slurf on my dick?!
3. I didn't realize it until it was too late, so I ended up pulling a slurf n' turf.
by Cooper July 31, 2003
I'm really hung up on Alexa -- man, she's got it going on -- bling bling!
by Cooper November 20, 2002
When used as a verb, it means to completely ruin something, or someone's good time. Also called "pulling a nussy".
You stopped Eric from hanging out with that chick, you really nussy'd all over that situation
by Cooper August 7, 2004
A Herge is a general word to describe an act of bizarre sexual behaviour between to strangers.

Also used as describing the individuals who are involved in the act of a Herge. Eg. By doing that you are a Herge.
They saw each other from across the room. they hurried out to get involved in a herge.

those people were Herge's
by Cooper January 20, 2005
(Noun) One who has obligations during the week, i.e. job or school etc., but he/she enjoys being belligerently drunk and high all weekend to the extent of passing or blacking out. These people are notorious for staying up until sunrise and wearing the same clothes into the next day. They only qualify if he/she parties on all nights of the weekend - no days off - This requires much will power and obedience to binge drinking and smoking. However these people are not only limited to partying on weekends, weekdays are acceptable too.
After thirty games of beer pong (ruit), smoking six blunts, and getting some skins over the course of the weekend, the sun started to come up early sunday morning and Max established his weekend warrior status.
by Cooper July 14, 2006