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1. Verb: To be literally or metaphorically screwed in the arse.
2. Slang term for anus
I have just been double dozza'ed by the dozza in the dozza!
by Koizi December 30, 2014
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The art of having sex brought to its organic heritage


A donut pizza. Usually pepperoni and chocolate icing.
I had Dozza last night with the girlfriend.


I went to the pizza ranch and had a Dozza.
by Greg wiebe January 31, 2014
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A blank meaningless word that can be used to compliment or slander someone, depending on the tone of voice and body language of user.

For example, If said in a less than enthusiastic voice and a roll of the eyes it would be negative.
'Oh not that guy, he's a massive Dozza'

'This guy is an absolute legend, what a Dozza'
by NCLKBear November 11, 2017
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A nickname for Doritos, very commonly used amongst Dorituals enthusiasts
"Should I get mild or hot salsa to go with the dozzas?"
by lurbinlyf September 24, 2016
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