A person who toils mindlessly at the same mundane endeavors as their forefathers without ever seeking to alter their course or advance their processes in anyway. (from HBO's Fraggle Rock, Dozers perpetually built and rebuilt structures for the Fraggles to devour)
The dozers can't seem to grasp the idea because it wasn't listed in the manual.
by Ripley1 September 29, 2006
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One who struggles to comprehend simple tasks, easily forgets their place in conversation. The dozer will often respond to a question with a blank look.
'Yo, did you step in dog shit on your way in?' 'Whut?' 'fucking dozer'
'This guy drank too much of that Dozè Cuervo'
by Snipps921 January 20, 2012
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A homosexual; Faggot; One who partakes in homosexual activities with other men.
A queer.
Craving cocks in the ass is straight up Dozer.
by Dozer March 13, 2003
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an idiot or someone whos always sleepy
that dozers always half asleep or did you see what that dozer just done!
by Dannyboyo September 30, 2006
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Guy: You should come over and let me inroduce you to the dozer..
Girl: I don't even what that means..
Guy: Means I'm about to plow dat ass..

Guy: There's some major dirtwork to be done so back that hoe up on the dozer and we'll get started..
by BA_NB August 14, 2011
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Big girl, Fat girl, wide girl,a gilr that is about as big, heavy, and wide as a bulldozer...
Person 1 "See that dozer over there?"

Person 2 "Yeah, Damn, she looks like she ate Ronald outta big macs!"

Person 1 "50 bucks says i fuk her tonite."

Person 2 "Your on!"
by fallen December 13, 2003
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