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A type of boat or vessel invented and designed by Eastern Boats. Characterized by a sharp entry at the bow transitioning to a shallow deadrise aft as well as keel of some sort; these boats are very efficient and seaworthy. Both the "Lobster Boat" and the "Bass Boat" can be traced back to the classic and graceful lines of the Eastern design. The Eastern Design also played a major role in the development of the picnic boat. Because many different types of boats use the Eastern Hull Design they began to call all boats that use this design "Down East". The Eastern Hull Design so Impressed the Musician Billy Joel that he created a song about the design after just one ride. Unfortunately in His song "Downeaster/Alexa" he uses the slang term for the eastern design, though as they say all press is good press and the song is still a fitting tribute to the Eastern design.
Question: I'm confused these boats look like the Eastern boats.

Response: No, they do look very similar, However these are Seaway Boats, they are also of "Downeast" design.

Question: "So it's like the song Billy J. wrote Downeaster."

Response: "Yes! Now your getting it!"
by #hardchine March 03, 2014
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