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To keep something very secret; not tell another person
Alright, I'll tell you but keep it on the down low...
by Treg November 01, 2003

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A cult that dosn't end with suicide.
Hey Timothy, wanna join my new cul-I mean religion?
by Treg August 27, 2003

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An extra man, Extar life, something Mario needs alot of.
Dude, if you jump over that piranah plant, over the lava, onto the turtle, bounce off that, land on that tunnel and press 'down' you go in a secret level, there's a one up.
by Treg September 22, 2003

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An overused high-school sports team name.
Let's call our team the 'Wolverines'!!!
by Treg November 16, 2003

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A lethal weapon
Treg beats all the hobos with his four iron.
by Treg November 05, 2003

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A show/magazine that tries (and fails) to be funny. It's only use is Spy vs Spy.
Why is Mad turning into such shit?
by Treg November 04, 2003

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When a female puts paper/tissue/etc into her bra. This results in making her breast seem larger, thus attracting males.
That bitch Leah went home to stuff her bra.
by Treg September 03, 2003

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