A worse version of Down Bad. When someone is egregiously horny.
Guy 1 : I just bought some girls 50$ OnlyFans.
Guy 2 : You are down horrendous!
by Tylertoad December 8, 2020
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Down horrendous is an even worse version of down bad, a term typically used to describe someone who is desperately horny. Down horrendous should only be used when down bad cannot accurately describe how desperate somebody is.
"I just jerked off to the thought of her man."
"Holy crap, you're down horrendous."
by Ugly dirtbag May 28, 2021
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A man or male who can't get laid, but desperately craves it, or a man that is extremely horny. A man like this will go to extreme lengths to get sex, whether they are legal or illegal ways. "Down Horrendous" is a more explicit derivative of "down bad"
1. I thought I was down bad for paying a girl $1000 dollars for sex, but when I saw EDP445 get exposed I knew at that moment I may be down bad, but at least I am not down horrendous.

2. I would never get caught being down horrendous in 4k ultra, like EDP445
by Exposed445_4K_ultra April 23, 2021
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The act, or feeling of doing everything you can to impress, or get a girl to like or date you to the extreme.
(In an xbox live party)
Bro 1: Dude i've been doing everything i can to get Sofia to like me, i've even asked her exes what she likes.

Bro 2: You are literally Down Horrendous
by YourDeadDog February 7, 2022
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Literally Phineas from that cartoon show with the platypus who kicks ass. (Not Ferb tho, he’s the modern equivalent of Ghengis Khan)
Isabella: “Watcha Doin’ ?”
Phineas: *starts building some shit like a dumbass*
Everyone watching: This man down horrendous...
by DestinedChutoy April 24, 2021
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Man 1- Man please i’m begging you, i’ll do anything just to get some money

Man 2- Bro your “Down Horrendous”
This man is Down Horrendous
by Khaotic Dictionary February 19, 2021
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When you can’t get a girlfriend you are down bad, when u can’t get a girlfriend or a hu and you complain about it all the time you are down horrendous
Carter spends his whole life in the basement choking the chicken instead of going for Erin.
Carter is down horrendous.
Don’t be a carter.
by Steve1588 December 9, 2020
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