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/daʊs/ v. tr.: The act of slamming some liquids almost directly subsequent to swallowing something of a high-degree temperature, all while on an empty stomach.

The act of dousing is usually needed in circumstances such as the one in the aforementioned definition because there is, so to speak, no "safe ground" for the "proximity mine" to land on in the consumers stomach, thus, it explodes, searing the gastric layer in the process. The best way to stop this exuberant form of pain in its tracks could be performed by Dousing the explosion with a nice swig o' milk from the nearest source.

WARNING: "Dousing" should never be even vaguely confused with "Dowsing", a renaissancious type of magical divination employed in attempts to locate ground water. The latter is retarded, and thus completely opposite of the former in terms of a good idea.

Joe: So what's for dinner tonight, sug?

Zoe: *Stirs the embers* Oh, just some-

Joe: Mmmm, ember!

Zoe: Uhh, I don't really think you should-

Joe: *Om nom nom nom* ^_^ ... ZOMGWTFBBQ!!11!

Zoe: I told you... fucking idiot.

Joe, smoke exhuming from mouth: Quick, hand me your breasts!

Zoe: Wait, what the fuck? Why??

Joe: Because I heard on urbandictionary that if I should ever eat something really hot, I should suckle from the nearest source of milk. Now, I must perform the act of dousing in order to live, you see! Gimme! *Lunges at Zoe*

Zoe: *Dodges lunge* NOE! I'M NOT EVEN PREGNANT, SO IT WOULD NEVAR WORK! GET AWAY, FUCKING WEIRDO! *Pathetically attempts to escape*

Joe: *Grabs Zoe by her legs, then rips open her shirt and receives a healthy swig of nectar* Ahhh!
by dabeshu-sama July 15, 2010
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