n. - doo-schee-nehss - The quality of being a douche or douche bag; used when an act is flagrantly lame or reconfirms an already existing suspicion that an entity has douche-like attributes; typical of a person or thing that doesn't command respect.
Fox News' douchiness was on display when they suggested Obama eat a slice of watermelon during a debate.
by chad-o October 17, 2008
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Check out this douchie of this chick taking a selfie.
by Dru Zellmer June 22, 2014
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In Australia, among high school and university students, Douchy refers to the legend of a man (Andrew Douch) who makes biology videos that are inflicted upon many students. He's great but such a meme.
We've got bio next, another hour of Douchy because the teacher can't be stuffed thinking of a proper lesson.
by biobrains January 22, 2020
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Don't you think it was douchy that the chef took the day off for his birthday?
by Chance Tripper July 31, 2013
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when someone is being difficult or just plan stank. "Douche bag-ish" if you will.
Jack: "What is wrong with Bill?"

Jill: "He has been real douchy since Alice left him"

Jack: "Ah, totally understand. She did him dirty"
by ChellyE July 2, 2009
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The official awards ceremony for douchebags, where those displaying the most douchebagginess and engaging in the greatest amount of douchebaggery are granted honors and forever remembered for being the douchebags that they are.
"Envelope, please.......and tonights's Douchie goes to............ the loud, obnoxiuos, drunk, greasy douchebag at the end of the bar who keeps yelling at the bartender for vodka straight-up on the rocks. Congratulations!!"

"That guy's on the road to Road to The Douchies!!"
by miq3263827 July 25, 2009
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Variant of douche bag and douche. Douchie is used in an affectionate manner to describe a person who commits acts ofdouche baggery but is nevertheless forgiven and loved for who he or she is. A douchie is typically appreciated whereas a douche is not.
From girlfriend to boyfriend: "I can't believe you just made fun of Jenn's muffin top. You're such a douchie".
by Cristo39 March 3, 2010
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