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Any accessory a douche wears or a tattoo on a douche that signifies the status of douche-hood. Flashy douche bling, flashy trash in or on their cars, doucheboy tatts all qualify as douche-tags.
Could that douche be any more douche-y? He was floating every douche-tag known to douchery!
by February 22, 2009
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The correct modern name for the male facial hair feature formerly known as a Soul Patch or Sax Player's Moustache.

It consists of a tuft of hair left unshaven just under the lower lip, upper lip and chin are clean shaven.
Sported with and without sideburns of varying ludicrous lengths.
"Nice suit, but unless this job interview is at a comic shop you probably want to go back in the bathroom and shave off that douche tag."
by Phineas T April 04, 2009
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A term preceded by a pound (#) sign, embedded in tweets, forum posts, or other online communications. Used by people who are ignorant of how content-indexing systems work, thinking that they have to create identifiers or catchphrases to make their content searchable and more prominent.

The number of these tags embedded in a person's communications is proportional to their self-importance and insecurity.
One of the great things about the #iPhone was abandoning the #stylus. Not sure why #samsung thinks bring it back is #innovation and #freedom

(That's it; the form validation stupidly insists that the word "douchetag" appear in here.)
by Oscar Goldman August 20, 2012
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a blue tooth ear piece that remains on your ear when not in use and for extended amounts of time.
That guy wore his douche tag all night at the bar.
by Mark Schlipper August 16, 2008
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N. A hash-tag in a facebook message, status, comment, etc.
Verb form: Douche-taggin' it up

Hash-tagging was meant for twitter and twitter only.
Attention seeking girl's status:

"This week sucked. #Backstabbers #Doesanyonelikeme #Pleaselikethisstatus #Truthis"

Smart person's comment:
"Way to douche-tag"
by TimDuffy94 January 12, 2012
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n. a tattoo that is the more common male equivalent of a tramp stamp, defined particularly by placement at the top-middle of the back (i.e., directly below the neck, between the shoulders).
"Wow, Chet, if you didn't always walk around without a shirt on, I would have never seen that sick douche-tag! Is that some sort of tribal barbed wire or is it the Chinese symbol for 'classy'?"

"Brother Lance got a douche tag of our fraternity letters to commemorate the most ridiculous years of his life."

"I can't wait to get drunk and take my shirt off a the company picnic so both the executives and my direct-report employees can lose the last bit of respect they have for me when they see my douche tag I got during Spring Break this year while I was scamming on girls ten years younger than me! I'm single because I want to be."
by Sphaced August 24, 2011
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Any personal belonging, behavior or fulfilled stereotype that marks someone as a douche.

"Don't stare directly at the fauxhawk"

"Yeah, what a total douche tag"
by UITrizzle March 26, 2009
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