Two shots of a firearm in proximity, in rapid succession. Made to cause a bigger, more damaging wound.
Medics couldn't help the poor guys chest wound, it was a double tap.
by VGC April 30, 2008
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A style of "dancing" that is popular among teenagers in New York City. It is the act of dry humping to a beat/instrumental while standing up. Guys double taps a girls & girls double tap girls.
Guy 1- Bro you going to that double tap party?
Guy 2- Yeah bro, Im tryna double tap shawty from the last party.
Guy 1- Word me too lol.
by Hannnn March 7, 2015
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A) Having sex with someone, heading out, and then coming back within hours of leaving. This usually involves significant others or friends with benefits, but for greater effect, strangers.
Person A: Hey, I just got back from the gym.
Person B: You're such a liar, you stink of sex and rubber.
Person A: Haha, how'd you know? :phone call: Well, hey I have to jet.
Person B: You going to double tap tonight aren't you?
by -synthetik- September 10, 2010
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A popular dance among teens in New York in which a girl bends down and the boy grabs her waist to hump the girl's booty doggy style
Friend 1: You going to the party tonight
Friend 2: Hell yeah! You gon double tap that shawty from the last party
Friend 1: U know it!!!
by flyboyyoungin February 28, 2017
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This is for all the Wingmen out there who have to cover their boys ass by introducing himself to the girl his boy just met because his boy forgot the girls name because he was staring at her tits. This technique takes great confidence and a strong wingman.
~Bro comes running to Bro.~
BRO(1)- Dude, I just met this hot ass girl at the bar but i forgot her name because i was staring at her tits. Can you introduce your self so can get it again?
~Walking to the chick at the bar~
BRO(2)- hey, I'm (NAME)!, whats your name?
BRO(1)- Thanks for that Double Tap Bro.
by Doshcokycoyo March 24, 2010
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When on bottom, the man vibrates instead of thrusting his hips. Vibrations occur as fast as a paintball gun when double tapping the trigger.
Emily thanked Jake for teaching Nick how to double tap.
by Troppyboy September 14, 2014
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