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When you are trying to hook up with a girl and she isn't showing any interest so, you move on to the next one.
BRO(1): Bro, this girl taking this bate?!
BRO(2): Don't even trip Bro, on to the next one!
by Doshcokycoyo March 23, 2010
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This is for all the Wingmen out there who have to cover their boys ass by introducing himself to the girl his boy just met because his boy forgot the girls name because he was staring at her tits. This technique takes great confidence and a strong wingman.
~Bro comes running to Bro.~
BRO(1)- Dude, I just met this hot ass girl at the bar but i forgot her name because i was staring at her tits. Can you introduce your self so can get it again?
~Walking to the chick at the bar~
BRO(2)- hey, I'm (NAME)!, whats your name?
BRO(1)- Thanks for that Double Tap Bro.
by Doshcokycoyo March 24, 2010
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