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pointy man-boobs; the kind one gets due to eating to many stuffed crepes at Ihop or munching on the leftover fried tidbits from a Long John Silver's fryer.
Joe: Whoa! What's that sticking out of John's shirt?

Kyle: Oh you mean the pointy man-boobs? Those are his triangle tits. They really compliment is square ass, don't they?

Joe: You know, you're right! Maybe he should wear a bra or something though.
by Emily Moo January 14, 2009
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When someone's nipples show through their shirt, but just their nipples, not the rest of their boobs, and they look like sticks or triangular prisms under their shirts. Mostly seen on women in many 1940s and '50s movies.
Mary's shirt was so thin, you could see her triangle tits.
by Mattymona May 09, 2014
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1. Flat chested females, who attempt to look revealing but end up displaying a grotesque image of natural tragedy.

2. Upside down triangle tits in a tube top, or some other shirt that is too tightt and no bra.
1. Them Triangle tits are not the businesss.

2. She's only 16, she'll grow out of them triangle tits.

3. she need to get some implants to fix them triangle titss.
by Jack Sparroff June 27, 2010
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