When a situation is desirable for one group but deplorable for another.
Double Standard. A concept that permits and excuses certain behaviors and actions from one group or person but violently opposes the same actions from another.
by hypocritical actions April 16, 2013
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Being unfair with others yet enabling certain people to do what you didn't let the others do.

For example, you have a bowl of chips that everyone can eat from but you don't allow certain people at the party to have the chips.

Double Standards can also apply to genders. Like, it's not weird to see a woman wearing men's clothing but it's very odd to see a man wearing women's clothing. So double standards come in different circumstances.
(both men notice a shy girl)
Man 1: What's the matter with her?
Man 2: Oh, she's just shy.
Man 1: That's hot!

(the girls see Man 2)
Girl 1: What's his problem?
Girl 2: He isn't very social
Girl 1: What a creep!
Man 1: This is a Double Standard, my friends.
by Simplistic Seth August 3, 2012
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Applying different sets of rules to the same principals especially when they are both equally as bad
1- The word "fuck" is edited out from the daily newspaper, however the word "shit" and stories of a sexual nature are published without censorship and question even though all of these principals are taboo.

2 - The police can mace an aggressive criminal and get a "well done" yet a member of the public who even uses spray deoderant to fight off an attacker is placed under arrest even though the law permits people to use "such forces as they deem necessary" to defend oneself/home/property. THIS IS CONSIDERED AN ACT OF HIGH TREASON BY WAY OF THE GOVERNMENT LEVYING WAR UPON THERE OWN PEOPLE.

3 - Marijuana, a relatively harmless herb is outlawed yet tobacco which is highly addictive and kills 10x more people than road accidents a year is, why? BECAUSE BIG NAME TOBACCO PAY THE GOVERNMENT TO KEEP POT ILLEGAL FOR FEAR IT WILL RUIN THEIR PRECIOUS TOBACCO CROP

all of these are a double standard
by Pol Pothead March 13, 2012
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A double standard is a code or policy that favors one group or person over another. For example, a guy who is skinny is considered weak, while a girl who is skinny is considered beautiful. Double standards exist everywhere, but usually go unnoticed since people take the side of whoever the double standard is helping.
A rapist will get several years in jail while a false rape claim only gets a few months. This is a double standard.
by Lieutenant Macaroni June 12, 2019
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One of the main reasons why race relations will never improve.
Black person: Shut up you cracker

White person: Shut up you n*gger

Black person: OMG RACIST!

Black person: Names and shames white person on social media.

White person: Also names and shames Black person on social media.

Black person: Receives positive comments such as "well done for standing up for yourself" and has a like and reaction ratio of 2k hearts, 1.8k likes 1.5k care reactions, 1k laugh reactions, 500 sad reactions, 10 angry reactions.

White person: Recieves more negative comments such as "OMG RACIST" or people on comments saying racist things to him, but of course Facebook has double standards so they won't remove them. The post has a like ratio of "10K angry reactions, 5k sad reactions, 1k likes, 3 care emoji's and 3 heart emoji.
by Rotten Turkey March 6, 2021
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Mathematically speaking, the obnoxious idea that it's OK for 56 to insult 82, but it's NOT OK for 82 to insult 56. Of course, 56 and 82 can be replaced with many different races, religions, etc.
A man sleeps with numerous women: Considered OK
A women sleeps with many men: Considered NOT OK

A woman physically hurts a man because she feels abused: ACCEPTED
A man physically hurts a woman because he feels abused: NOT ACCEPTED

A white person is successful: Assumed to be because of HARD WORK
A black person is successful: Assumed to be because of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION

A black person does poorly on a standardized test: Assumed to be because of BIAS in the test
A white person does poorly on a standardized test: Assumed to be because of LAZINESS, LACK OF EFFORT, etc.

A Christian is a very strong believer and mentions his love of God: Viewed as HEALTHY and PASSIONATE

An Atheist is very strong in his belief of no God: Viewed as CRAZY, CONFUSED, MISLEAD, etc.

An Atheist views Christians as unaccepting as a group: Viewed as NORMAL and is ACCEPTED

A Christian views Atheists as unaccepting as a group: Viewed as being UNFAIR and DOGMATIC

...I could go on forever. Point is: DOWN WITH DOUBLE STANDARDS! People aren't that different, and double standards only enforce all kinds of discrimination! GRRRR...
by MrCuddles November 10, 2006
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When someone is allowed to get away with something others arent. when a particular standard is applied to a certain group but not another. this doesn't necessarily apply to gender but everything.
Politicians complaining about pet projects and pork spending as a problem but still pushing their own through because theirs is obviously more okay is a great example of double standards.

The smaller pay black soldiers receive was also a double standard
by Sawicks March 12, 2009
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