sexual act in which a woman sits between to men and jacks them both off at the same time.
That filthy slut gave Johnnie and Jason the double-pump in the back ot the limo.
by Sir D November 22, 2003
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A cowardly tactic in Fortnite, in which people rapidly switch between two pump shotguns in order to shoot faster. While effective, double pumping is dishonourable, and not a nice way to win. Next time u are about to double pump think twice. Double Pumping is acceptable, however, if u have been ambushed and are desperately fighting for your life. If u can avoid it though, do so at all costs. I wont judge you for Double Pumping but it is dishonourable even though pro players do it.
Look at that guy doing the Double Pump. He's such a noob
by A Random Unicorn September 03, 2018
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When something is f*cken awesome, excellent - something goes your way or goes to plan! "Double Pump" is said with one fist clenched, one arm movement, extend out and then is brought back into the chest. Twice, hence the "double pump"
Angie: "Hey that band Douglas Fir are playing at The Alley tonight"

Lizzie: "Ohhh awesome, Double pump"
(must include the action)
by Liz and Ang January 31, 2005
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