When something is f*cken awesome, excellent - something goes your way or goes to plan! "Double Pump" is said with one fist clenched, one arm movement, extend out and then is brought back into the chest. Twice, hence the "double pump"
Angie: "Hey that band Douglas Fir are playing at The Alley tonight"

Lizzie: "Ohhh awesome, Double pump"
(must include the action)
by Liz and Ang January 31, 2005
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Its overpowerd lol
Noob: get two shotguns

Pro: pls dont kill me i have a son and a wife nvm i left them 5 years ago

Pro:but pls dont kill

noob: feels bad *gives two shotguns*

pro:noob die double pumps

noob: ):

pro:it has no ammo noob

noob: Kills him with double pump
by URBANSCKS March 12, 2019
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A term that is used in Fortnite when back in the first 3 seasons of Fortnite, you can use two pump shotguns without the delay, meaning it's pretty overpowered.
Get Rekt Kid - I see a guy at 350
Sir Tit Lord - Let's Double Pump him
by __________E____________ December 29, 2018
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Using two hands, one after another, repeatedly during male (or for the more advanced user, female) masturbation.

oh it's also a thing in fortnite
Yo, i was double pumping Martha last night

fuck double pumpers, dude.
by Shithead McMuffin July 04, 2018
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sexual act in which a woman sits between to men and jacks them both off at the same time.
That filthy slut gave Johnnie and Jason the double-pump in the back ot the limo.
by Sir D November 22, 2003
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Means to send 2 text messages one after another with no reply.
I double pumped a text to him and still no reply.....think I'm getting the faze out
by Sammanator September 21, 2015
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