The extremely intoxicating effect of smoking marijuana after drinking too much alcohol. It is not the same as smoking before drinking. To those not used to it's effect experience vomiting and abject fear.
Last night Joe got the Double Helix and puked all over my girlfriend.
by Johnnie The Hat January 08, 2009
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Double Helix is the situation, commonly referred to as a game, in which two semi-erect men twist their dicks together to form what resembles a DNA Double Helix hence the name "Double Helix."
Greg: Hey John, wanna play double helix?
John: Let's do that! Let's do exactly that!

<game of tummy sticks ensues>

John: Shit! I hate it when I get my Schartz twisted.
by DoubleHelixGame October 16, 2010
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A duo of guys in England that are mostly known for helping The Super Flash Bros. The members of Double Helix are: the founder, JT, and Dan.

The group was created when they participated in a Newgrounds Flash collab, "The Matrix Has You" (the name isn't in the list, but they still participated). After that, they started helping The Super Flash Bros with the Decline of Video Gaming series.
Double Helix... Decline of Video Gaming 1/2/3... ho hum.
by Joshua Squires October 05, 2005
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dou·ble he·lix
noun: double helix; plural noun: double helices
a pair of parallel helices intertwined about a common axis, especially that in the structure of the DNA molecule.
Double Helix, A pair of parallel helices
by Research Triangle High School October 22, 2014
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The rare occurence when you have a male orgy take place on two spiral staircases. Men must suck the higherups dick while the hold hands with the men on the second staircase..
guy 1: We double helixed last was beautiful man
guy 2: that's twisted man!
by kairamat January 16, 2015
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When two male compatriots jointly creampie a woman at the same time, one in the vagina and the other in the anus
Watson and Crick gave Rosalind Franklin a good hearty double helix, and then stole the secrets to the DNA structure while she was busy cleaning up all their jizz that was dripping out of her dirty holes. What a cumdumpster she was!
by Slimgumbz July 13, 2017
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A sex position derived from the infamous Eiffel Tower, in which two males and two females engage in sexual intercourse. It is identical to the original Eiffel Tower, except that the second girl is face down with her legs resting on the shoulders of one guy and her arms supporting her on the back of the other girl. This girl has her pussy eaten out while she makes out with the other guy. And the girl below her, blows one guy while she is fucked by the other.
"Hey Spencer! Do you want to double helix (sex position) Gabrielle and Grace tonight?"

"Definitely, Kyle. I'll make out with grace and fuck Gabrielle. You eat out grace and get blown by Gabrielle!"

"It's gonna be fucking legendary!"

"Hell yah!"
by Bill CLITton December 27, 2013
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