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A ritualistic dance of victory, made by waving both hands in a pistol-like formation in the air. Typically, the "Double Guns" begins with random simulated gun motions in both arms in many directions, sychronizing slowly as the arms raise. Once the arms are fully extended over the head, fully synchronized simulated pistols shots are sent into the air repeatedly. Ideally the rhythm for this dance is that of typical urban music.
Urban youth 1: "Yo, your flex on that honey was ill."
Urban youth 2:"Thanks dun." ("Double Guns" dance begins.)
Urban youth1: "Let's roll up some more of that hydro, get in my whip and hit up that jam before the bitties start to head home." ("Double Guns" dance continues)
by Fresh Juice Cash May 21, 2006
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on halo or any other rpg, double guns is when you are dual wielded with guns, holding a weapon in each hand.
gamerdude1: yo checkit dude i'm dual wielding like a muvvafucka pow pow
by beckyboo432 December 31, 2008
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