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Tall. Male or Female. Can argue for the world. Doesn't accept defeat. Weirdest kind of humans on earth. Values love than any other thing. Can be very annoying. Plays a lot. Fashionista. Makes trouble for fun. But still a loyal and loveable friend, always good in bed, never takes food for granted. You can never find an ugly Dotun. If you don't have a DOTUN in your life, you're missing a whole lot.
Dotun is synonymous to wierd, naughty, lovely, passionate, sweet.
by Stewart0867945 September 09, 2018
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Tall sexy Darkskin male with huge penis great personality and great sense of style , no matter how annoying is well liked people love too try an hate him even though he is always kind
that Dotun he is so sexy
by moneyman45 August 15, 2016
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He is tall and sexy,has a great personality,adorable lips and a good kisser.He has compassion for his friends and he always remains loyal,must especially if you are his lover he treats you like a queen and he does things never to you.He keeps to his promise though he can be annoying but he teases a lot.He can be shy about his emotions but never hides it from people he loves and he is a freak of football
Dotun is a nice person
by _dotman_ August 19, 2018
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