a term used to describe paying to stay on somebodies couch/sofa (particularly a London term amongst Antipodeans' and South Africans). Generally it is considered (rule of thumb) in recent years to be £5 per night plus helping out with groceries etc).
I hear he is "dossing" at her place
I hope he is paying the usual £5 to doss at your place.
I'm just "dossing" until I find my own place.
by zkpilot December 14, 2010
1)Going somewhere with no intention of getting there at a certain time
2) Walking around with no intention of going anywhere
1)"You coming to the party later?"
"yeah man, but were just dossing up so dont expect us at anytime"
2) "you upto much?"
"nah man, just dossing about"
by Tzma April 30, 2014
A word of South African origin, meaning to have a nap or just crash at someone's place for the night
I'm dossing at Jake's tonight bru
Can I doss at your place tonight?
Imma have a quick doss
Yep that bird's just dossing on the telephone line
by le afrikaner* January 9, 2012
When you are flatting, and you want cheaper rent, you can rent your room to someone else and pay a reduced (and afore agreed) rent. Since you no longer have a room, you sleep on the couch.

The act of subleting your room and sleeping on the couch is called dossing.
Jodi can't afford her rent since she got dumped, so she's been dossing. The new chick is pretty cool.
by BileGhost December 3, 2009
(noun) An easy task or period of time.
Possibly derived from doddle.
(verb) To slack off.
(Orig. UK/ Ireland.)
That class was a doss.
He's been dossing all day.
by Tadhg January 2, 2004
Depending on where in Scotland the term 'Doss' is used, determines what meaning is intended to be conveyed.

In Edinburgh for example, If Bob was to call his mate Tam a "Doss cunt", he would be using the term as an adjective to mean thick, useless, stupid.


If the term 'doss' is used in Perthsire, Angus, and the North East, then it is generallt intended to mean...Ace, Fantastic, shit-hot, etc..
"git a fuckin haud o yersel ye doss cunt!"

Did you see Liverpool in European Cup last night, that was pure doss!"
by MatTheCat August 11, 2005
A) Too be as tired as humanly possible whithout being asleep or B) to be fast asleep generally on a bus. - Note pronounciation of Dos expresses how tired you are.
therefore the louder the doSSEEEEDDD the more tired you are.
EG 1: Brice - Hey Kadish are you dossed?
Kadish - No Brice im not dossed no. im DOOSSEEEEEDDDD!!!!!

EG 2: (whilst in a World of Warcraft lan) - Hey Kadish we arn't Dossing for 3 days is that okay? - Sure it is.
by King_fox September 8, 2010