Misspelling of the word "dawdling," which means "moving slowly" or "wasting time."
Quit "doddling" and fix this misspelling of dawdling.
by samthedude January 14, 2015
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When you appear to be doing something, but aren't accomplishing anything at all. (Doing something without doing anything, you just look like your busy)
I'm just going to doddle around for the rest of this shift.
by 0utdoorzyguy2.50 November 06, 2018
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A cloth used for the wiping up of sexual fluids after a sexual encounter. The rag may become fairly soiled after multiple uses but that is part of its allure
I've just cummed all over your leg...pass the doddle rag
by Crang March 25, 2012
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A cloth used to clear up seminal and vaginal fluids after intercourse. The cloth is often re-used during heavy bouts of intercourse.
I'm covered in spunk. Where's the doddle rag?
by Precs and Guaps April 29, 2012
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realy dank weed. used to smoke from bongs, pipes,etc.
Also known as kush or THE DANKNESS.
OG KUSH and many other great kushs out there in the world.
That dank a doddle was BOMB!
by ....kush.... November 17, 2006
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