How much you weigh?--With or without the doski.---Without?---About 5lbs, with about 200, so I'm about 205.

by King Trey July 19, 2003
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Long bro

Annoy friend

Dont say, " I'm not a broski doski." Three times or he will get you.
"What up broski doski"

"I'm not a broski doski. I'm not a broski doski.I'm not a broski doski."

" ahhhhhhhhhh!!! He is here!"
by Broskidoski August 7, 2019
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Broski doski is a term used as an elongated version of the word bro also a way to annoy your friends
by Kana the snack August 7, 2019
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The word doski means soda or fizzy drink. An example of this is coke or lemonade. This word originated in England, Derbyshire by two men named Kai and Francis. doski is a Polish sounding word used in a lot of polish surnames. This word/slang was made in 2020
Jay: I'm heading into the shop for some doski, anyone want some?
Scarlett: I'm fine thanks babe
Lewis: get me lemonade please
Harry: im gonna head in with him to get get a doski
by dank Fran 2020 September 5, 2020
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one hot mf thats so sexy
girl1: omgg do u know zavi doski?
girl2: oh yes i do! they are so hotttt
by zi ;) July 16, 2021
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