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The word doski means soda or fizzy drink. An example of this is coke or lemonade. This word originated in England, Derbyshire by two men named Kai and Francis. doski is a Polish sounding word used in a lot of polish surnames. This word/slang was made in 2020
Jay: I'm heading into the shop for some doski, anyone want some?
Scarlett: I'm fine thanks babe
Lewis: get me lemonade please
Harry: im gonna head in with him to get get a doski
by dank Fran 2020 September 5, 2020
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This word/phrase 'tiddie chug jugs' derives from the game Fortnite. A chug jug is a big poison you can drink in Fortnite and streamers and Fortnite players turned it into a phrase to describe women with big breast. Its become a joke around the Fortnite community and has evolved to have many meanings.
Jay: Wow have you seen our mate kais mum
Aaron: yeah man, she has big tiddie chug jugs
Morgan: Lol, thats true
kai: YH, looks like i'm one lucky boy
by dank Fran 2020 October 2, 2020
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Shore is a surname originating from Albania. A family with the surname shore are determined and hard working. They mainly succeeded in school apart from English, which was there down fall. Alot of Shores have imagrated to the UK. Shores are very crazy people and act crazy in public. Alot of people say that the mother of the house is attractive and all a round got a nice bod.
DD Shore: i shore do love algbra
(attractive)mum: wowzers dd, good pun
Dad: they grow up so fast dont they
youngest brother kai: *rubs fathers shiny head* i love you mummy and daddy
by dank Fran 2020 September 24, 2020
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Windle is surname originating from derbyshire. A family with the surname Windle are carzy, strong, determined and party animals. Windles are very athletic and love to show it off infront of the ladies. They are very musical and are known for playing the harmonica. As a Windle a family they keep stuff to themselves but will occasionally show feets unheard of. Make sure to be friends with anyone that has the surname Windle because there intriguing personality's will always keep you on the edge of your seet.
Margret: so happy i found a Windle family at Lidle

joseph: yh, good find mummy, lets keep them close because you can always trust a windle
max: yh, Sharlice Windles son taught me how to through chairs today mum he is so strong
Dug: yes, good find wife. Hopefully we will stay friends with the windles forever
by dank Fran 2020 September 2, 2020
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