Dorsey's are often hyper and crazy. They are some of the most beautiful people you will ever see. They know how to make you laugh and know when to be serious. Dorsey's are adventurous and sweet, and they will make you feel loved. They often get annoyed easily, and play hard to get. Can be a Male or Female.
"Dude, she's crazy and beautiful, her names probably Dorsey."
by coocoohoneybear December 30, 2016
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Dorsey is a name generally given to men but is sometimes given to girls. It is not a very popular first name, but for some reason it is a common last name for both genders.

The meaning for the female variation is "dark"

Men named Dorsey are often portrayed as villains.

While woman are often surprisingly sexual as well as attractive and slightly insane.

In both genders, they tend to have higher intelligence than their peers.
Men: "Dude, that guy, Dorsey, he's always doing something no good."

Woman: "That Dorsey girl is way hot." "Yeah, but she's crazy."
by Kaelvohn February 19, 2010
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Verb, meaning: to manually stimulate one's penis immediatly followed by oral stimulation of the same phallus.
Dude! She totally just gave me a Dorsey!
by Morticia3091 April 3, 2011
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The oracle one who is hippieish and know the meaning of life, an incredible bassist
dude that dorsey is awesome
by O'Dell May 22, 2006
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Angelo Dorsey An•gel•o Dorsey

1.) A Musical Artist
I wish I could sing like that guy Angelo Dorsey.
by William Harris of Hloyal October 17, 2019
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The quantity of truth in any breaking news story damaging to a democrat can be measured by how quickly and aggressively twitter moves to censor and suppress it.
"Did you see how quickly twitter censored the NY Post story about sloe joe biden meeting with Burisma execs when he claimed he never did? Looks like yet another case of Dorsey's law!"
by FooSieben October 15, 2020
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He is the gayboy who says Shrek every 2 seconds and he likes dick but he can't even pull men
Jo was having a bad day but it was about to get worse. He heard a loud "Shrek" from the back of the room. He knew it was Henry Dorsey and his only friend and fellow gayboy Alex Smith. He heard a gay snickering and he turned around. Just then his slideshow was filled up with images of Shrek and his whole project was ruined. Later that day he saw Henry after school and he beat the shit out of him. This made everyones life better.
by Travis Onquantavichris August 17, 2022
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