1.(n) a derogatory term of affection used to address a friend or acquaintance who you think is being silly.
Cassandra started to mumble frequently so she was given a Red Swingline stapler and put her in the room with the rest of the company dorks.

Being a dork is a qualification for the tri-delta sorority.
by Tom March 04, 2004
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A person capable of a full range of normal human social interaction but secretly harboring the desire to become a Dwarf and spend his/her life in the pursuit of the Dragon who stole his/her magical ale flaggon.
My roommates seemed totally normal until I came home from work early one day and caught them playing Dungeons & Dragons on the kitchen table. Who would have guessed they were DORKS?
by IRONSWORD1 November 24, 2004
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A dork is someone who is looked down upon by the "cool crowd" when in reality the dorks are the real "cool crowd." Dorks are good people who are intelligent, witty, play video games Final Fantasy!, and they tend to be engineers.
Because I am an engineer major, I accept that I am a dork and I will be around dorks for the rest of my life.
by L-diddy May 14, 2004
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1. Someone who does silly things, but the things they do are usually stupid, funny, or cute.
2. A whale's penis.
Dork (11:11:11 PM): OMG!! its 111111!!!
Person (11:11:19 PM): Haha. You dork. :

I'm not going to make an example for this one...=b
by chyo name October 07, 2007
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1. The word dork to a girl is a guy who is slighty nerdy and geeky, though they are also adorable and some what charming and cute. Being a dork doesn't mean your uncool, though just not popular.

2. The word dork(ette) to a guy is a guy/girl who is clumsy and uncordinated. Also who might be slightly nerdy, though not entirely or they might be a loser.

3. In general a dork(ette) is one who isn't afraid of what people think about them.
1. Ginger: Hey Laura, look it's that new kid David.
Laura: He's not hot, though he is kinda cute and nice.
Ginger: I talked to him in Math Class, he's kind of a dork.

2. David: Josh, what do you think about Kirsten?
Josh: She's a 5, I heard she sucked at soccer tryouts.
David: She's really smart, and I think she's cute even
if she's a dorkette.

3. Brandy: I can't believe Andy mooned Ms. Jones and the whole student body in the school pakinglot.
Sabrina: Well he is a dork, of course he doesn't care what he does.
by Kenge August 04, 2007
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someone who is imature and a bit of a nerd but is likeable and funny all the same. unless your a complete chav who thinks everyone who isnt as solid as you should be twatted.


a whales nob. as the rather funny picture above points out.
Chandler off friends or seth off the oc. i cant give examples of real people cos i dont know all the dorks you know. that picture is making me lol myself stupid.
by your having a harris November 10, 2006
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