A Dori looks like a poodle and causes all sorts of drama and should be avoided at all costs, if caught with a Dori you should try to have the least amount of exposure as possible as you will watch yourself become a cold shell of a person and be "mean" to everyone around you. You will also sense the massive need to consume drama and try to ruin your best friends relationship and brag about stuff that doesn't matter. You also get jealous of anyone and anything that is "cooler" and is expensive. Exposure to a Dori for more than One Hour is extremely dangerous and you should contact a Psychiatrist if you find you have that need to eat drama.

She is also a girl that for some reason has a lot of friends, She can be a "jerk" 90% of the time and treats all of her friends like dirt. Every once in a while she's nice but for the most part she's not.

The examples are what a friend of a Dori would say and what a Dori would say when drama presents itself.
"It bothers Dori that I have more money than her."

"Oh my god did you hear what her boyfriend just did?"
by Shimpa November 14, 2011
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Doris : older generation female who frequents such stores as screwfix to buy a oven bulb or 10ltrs of paint while under lockdown and social distancing from the corona virus pandemic.
Go home doris you dont need to be outside your home, paint and a oven bulb is not an essential purchase in these dire times.
Look Doris i dont care if your going to be bored while in self isolation you cant have any paint and you definatly dont need decking oil.
by Spunkyfmj March 28, 2020
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dori is someone who is insensitive and an all around cunt. has no consideration of other people's feelings but somehow always knows how to make someone laugh no matter what. he is the smartest yet dumbest guy you will ever meet. he can argue his way out of almost anything and he will probably always beat you if you're debating with him about something. he gives great advice, but when it comes to himself, he's straight up stupid. nicest guy when he wants to be, otherwise... rude. aggressive, will probably beat you up if you look at him a little too long. overall a nice, funny guy who everyone wants to be friends with because he's fun to be around and a good friend to have but still a cunt.
i can hear damyan screaming.. must be dori.
by NaygaPoop July 29, 2019
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A beautiful person on the outside but on the inside an mean hoe. She cheats, lies, and steals. ONE WORD EVIL.
Guy 1- Dude she’s hot.
Guy 2- naw dude she’s a Dori stay away from her.
by IveAcceptedThatImShort December 03, 2018
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An older well-off woman who thinks the rules should apply to others but not to her. A Doris criticizes anything and everything on Facebook but her specialty is picking on kind-hearted people trying to improve the world . Doris is not afraid to post nonsensical political memes with no factual basis.

Doris takes marijuana for her "glaucoma" but she does not believe in legalizing pot because then the wrong people would use it.

In a nutshell, she is Karen's mom.
An older woman was criticizing me at the store the other day for slowing down the bagging process because I brought my own grocery bags. Then this ignorant hypocritical Doris had the gall to pay with a check!
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by Counciltuckian April 23, 2020
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