When your closest friends betray you
Ange and Alex dop ted on me in call last night
by I.Daniels March 26, 2022
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Used to express a state of not understanding and/or a general disregaurd for what is happening or being said around you. Usually followed closely by a click-click. Originated from the Stavin Marvin character from South Park.
Usually said by itself to not annouce to the other party the meaning.
My Boss was talking and all I heard was bah-dop click-click.
by xarial March 10, 2005
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To Masturate, Jack off, beat your meat
Chris Brown: I used this picture to bop the dop
Random Child Predator: Give me that picture
by ThePotatoLord87 June 27, 2021
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have a pich of snuff (dip), used by fraternity boys in georgia
hey bud, you wanna dip dop?
by sigma_chi_UGA May 4, 2009
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